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Eamon Sullivan

Eamon’s passion for golf started at a very young age and his appreciation for golf course architecture grew shortly thereafter. During his teenage years, he spent many long, hot summer days caddying and working as a greenskeeper at Merion Golf Club and Pine Valley Golf Club near his hometown of Philadelphia. His appreciation for golf course design deepened during those days spent at Merion and Pine Valley. Eamon marveled at how a single course could be played hundreds, if not thousands of different ways. The wind, the grass, the hills and trees together impacted each player’s interaction with the course, creating an unparalleled experience for each golfer.

Eamon’s passion for the game and love of golf course design drove him to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida. It was there he developed his design skills. Eamon spent his time between semesters connecting the theories learned in the classroom to the real world. He furthered his understanding of golf course architecture by exploring the great golf courses of the East Coast. His passion to understand and study golf course architecture led him to a greenskeeping internship at Augusta National Golf Club, as well as other internships constructing golf courses. These internships were invaluable, giving him tremendous insight into the hard work and dedication it takes to produce and maintain the world’s greatest golf courses.

The day after graduation, Eamon was on a plane to Edinburgh, Scotland to work as a greenskeeper at the Castle Course at Saint Andrews Links Trust. The ravage beauty of Scotland’s linksland quickly captivated him. During his “free time, “ Eamon further studied the origins of golf by exploring over one hundred and thirty of the United Kingdom’s and Ireland’s finest courses.

Picture of Eamon

Eamon’s time spent on the Castle Course grew into a deep appreciation for David McLay Kidd’s work. After speaking with David and listening to his theories on golf, greenskeeping and design, Eamon graciously accepted a position with David’s team in London. Eamon continues to follow his passion across the world creating some of the most unique golfing experiences with the DMK team.