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Casey Krahenbuhl

As a young boy, Casey would get a rare chance to follow his grandfather or uncles around on the golf course, but never grasped that those fun loving days were shaping his curiosity and passion for the game of golf. Casey’s grandfather passed away on that same golf course where he grew up playing, forever binding him to the land and the game. Casey played golf on and off through his formative years, and eventually started working on a golf course construction project in college. He fell in love with the process and creativity required to sculpt a giant piece of land. After graduating from Northern Arizona University, Casey stepped away from golf construction while he attended University at Tecnológico de Monterrey, in Mexico. There, Casey continued his studies in Spanish; a skill that would aid in building dozens of golf courses in the future.

Several years later, Casey returned to the states and soon after, he was building golf courses again for Wadsworth Golf Construction.

Picture of Casey

Casey spent almost a decade as a Project Manager and Site Superintendent traveling around the United States, Mexico, and Japan building golf courses. He worked on projects with many of the best golf course designers in the business. As he learned more about design and construction, he found there was a major disconnect between the designer and the land. All too often, Casey found he was forcing a set of plans upon the landscape in an effort to please the architect. His improvisation and flexibility within the landscape would often go unnoticed, or even worse, be admonished by visiting designers.

Picture of Casey

Then Casey met David McLay Kidd. In David, he found an architect who embraced the land and collaborated with him, instead dictating to him. The two became fast friends on and off the job.

David began schooling Casey in the nuances of the game and his ethos in golf design. He took Casey throughout Scotland and across Europe. They spent days and days playing and wandering the hallowed ground at Bandon Dunes. Eventually Casey joined the DMK team in 2007.

Since then, Casey has worked on a number of projects as a senior design associate for DMK, most notably, Tetherow Golf Course, Guacalito de La Isla, Gamble Sands and Herdade de Comporta. Casey is currently the lead design associate on the second course at Sand Valley in Wisconsin and spending the winter working in Los Angeles at Rolling Hills Country Club.