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In the 1960’s my father took a job at Ranfurly Castle Golf Club in Bridge of Weir, a small town on the west coast of Scotland. He was 14 years old, keen on golf but keener to contribute to the family as the eldest son of a family of 9. He worked hard, learnt fast and by his early twenties was the youngest Head Greenkeeper in Scotland at the famed Glasgow Golf Club, 7th oldest course in the world. He also married his childhood sweetheart and had their first child, me. Through my childhood I worked, I learnt and I played on the classic Scottish courses my father maintained during his successful career.

Jimmy and David at Gleneagles

My love for golf and golf courses grew as my father fed me with a diet of golf lore and history, or environmentalism and sustainability back when they were underappreciated values. I learnt that golf was more than a sport, it was an outdoor pursuit, an adventure, a passion.

I have been in the golf course business now for almost 30 years. My big break was Bandon Dunes in the late 90's and since then my team and I have created many of the most critically acclaimed courses of our generation, many enjoy much public recognition while others are enjoyed very privately.

On our journey we have learnt that golf needs to be fun, that simple term takes massive thought and effort to achieve, but over the decades we have learnt how to make this more than just a word.

Thank you for visiting our website, please take a look at what we have created but even more importantly please get in touch.