David Mclay Kidd - DMK Golf Design

Rolling Hill Country Club

Rolling Hills Estates, California, USA

Opening 2017

Set on the northern slopes of Palos Verdes overlooking the city of Los Angeles we have been given the opportunity to create essentially a new golf course for an existing club.

The original golf course was set within narrow parcels of land, partially owned, partially leased over the 50 year tenure of the club, a great location but a compromised site that never achieved the ambitions of the membership. Fate stepped in with the ultimate golfing opportunity, the neighboring sand quarry was mined out and required restoration. Music to a golf designers’ ears.

We set about designing a new golf course around a new clubhouse set on a bench on the Palos Verdes Hill mostly over the old sand quarry. The mining past of the site was lost under a massive restoration project. Completion is scheduled for 2017.