David Mclay Kidd - DMK Golf Design

#1 – Best New Private Course – 2002, Golf World U.K.

Queenwood Golf Club

Ottershaw, Surrey, England

Opened 2001

After observing many of West London’s recent modern club failures, my pitch to the developer, Fred Green, was that Queenwood had to be a departure from that modern style and a return to the heathland traditions of Sunningdale, Walton Heath, Woking, and Swinley Forest—all nearby, famed London courses.

Heather is a key design element at Queenwood, employed both for its strategic and aesthetic values, most notably on the bunker faces. It took a good five years to grow in to the fullest, and now that it has, everyone seems to understand why I insisted on using the heather so extensively.

Queenwood is widely regarded the most exclusive private golf club in Europe and the membership rolls include some of the biggest names in professional golf.